Lets face it, emptying your gutters is dirty work but everyone has to do it at some stage. Dead leaves, birds nets and debris can cause your home gutter to become clogged causing overflowing which can become a complex and costly problem to fix.

When to have your gutters emptied

This is more apparent in the UK with our wet and windy weather, which is why it is highly necessary to clean your gutters. Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their gutters, that is until there is a torrential downpour and water is overflowing causing huge floods around the home causing water to seep into the foundations.

One of the most asked questions from many homeowners is when exactly should they have their gutters emptied?

Gutters should be cleaned regularly, we recommend once or twice a year to be more precise, and by a professional cleaner. This will help ensure your gutters remain empty and draining correctly which will prolong the life expectancy of the gutters, PVC gutters have a life expectancy of 25 years but they will last even longer if maintained correctly.

Too much debris being stuck in the gutters and an excess of water can make them a lot heavier. This can cause the fasteners to become damaged which can lead to repairs or even a replacement which can be more costly than regular cleaning sessions.

Homes with little to no trees should be able to get by once a year, while on the other hand homes with more trees around should get by with 2 cleanings per year. We recommend cleaning your gutter at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring, in the autumn months we expect more leaves falling which can quickly build up in gutters. 

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