There are lots of things that get trapped in our homes gutter, from leaves to twigs and even rocks – they all land on to our roof and get carried to the gutter as the rainwater washes them down your drain pipe.

Did you know that there may be creepy crawlies hiding in your gutters? Here we explain what else you may find..

As we already know things like twigs, leaves and debris can become clogged in our gutters when left uncleaned, when left too long this makes a great home for critters and pests such as mice and other rodents. This is especially the case in winter when mice are seeking somewhere warm to stay.

Just like mice birds also find a home in piles of leaves – making an excellent choice for nesting. With birds you can find that they cause more of a disruption from their droppings which may cause stains on parts of your home. Bird nests can also cause a blockage to your draining system obstructing the flow of rainwater causing damage to your guttering system and leakage.

If there are trees surrounding your home you could possibly end up with a squirrel issue on your roof and gutters. Your gutters can of course act as a safe place for squirrels to escape predators such as foxes. Squirrels can also become stuck in your homes drain pipes which can be a costly fix.

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