We all dread it and we all put it off for as long as we can, but ensuring your gutters are cleaned is highly important for the health and value of your home. We have talked about the importance of cleaning your home’s gutters and downspouts but let’s point out the issues clogged gutters and downspouts will cause if you don’t clean them out…

What can happen when your gutters are clogged…

Roof Leaks

When your gutters are clean and free from any debris they will do as they are required which is to channel water to the downspouts and away from your home. Should your gutters become clogged the water will sit against your roof which over time can cause the roof to rot and leak. Which will cause a very expensive problem to fix!

Broken Gutters

If your gutters become clogged, when it rains the water will fill your gutters to the brim and water gets heavy very quickly. All of the extra weight could potentially bend your gutters leading to in some cases tearing the gutters from your roof.

Foundation Problems

A clogged gutter will attract more water towards your home, this is of course not what should happen and defeats the whole operation of what you gutter is supposed to do. A clogged gutter will allow water to pool until it begins to spill over the sides and down your home’s walls. This will eventually cause a pool around your home’s foundation which can lead to erosion weakening the walls causing cracks.

Attracting Pests

Damp debris can serve an invitation for wasps and bees to build nests, even attracting bairds to nest around the home more.

Fixing these problems are annoying and expensive, but the good news is that by unclogging and regularly cleaning your gutters you can easily avoid these issues! If you would like to we can ensure your gutters are in top condition through our professional cleaning and gutter services.

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