Let’s face it, we all dread cleaning the gutters but do you know exactly why it is essential to do so?

A costly problem to fix…

As spring approaches it is now time to take on the dreadful chore but keeping in mind that by not doing so could result in several home damaging consequences. Our home gutters tend to fill up more during the winter months, this can be problematic for homeowners come spring time.

With the autumn and winter months causing more wind and rainfall therefore causing more leaves and debris to fall into our gutters. It’s normally the winter months that we choose to leave our gutters as with the darker evenings and colder weather.

Gutters are designed to ensure that water drains in an orderly fashion, they protect the foundations of our home from any water damage. When they aren’t cleaned this can cause water to overflow causing a range of structural issues.

With clogged gutters the water will spill onto your garden causing major landscape damage over time. An overflow of water can also cause damage to your homes decking causing rot and discolouration over time.

One of the most occurring damages from clogged gutters is foundation damage, this is when the water leaks into your home’s foundation. When this water freezes and expands it will then cause cracks and weakening the ground underneath your home. This will all over time eventually cause the flooring of your home to cave in.

For home’s with a basement water will hit these areas easily, this will cause serious mould spots and musty smell. This in time could lead to flooding which to repair will remain very costly.

The initial effects of clogged gutters will be major damage to your property’s roof, tiles can absorb the water allowing it to leak through into your roofing structure. The water can move through the roof and on to the ceiling.

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