Here are a 6 easy steps to prepare your home for winter

Is your home ready for winter months

Winter is around the corner! 

For many of us that means we want to stay in the house and keep warm. Here at Blue Sky we have put together this quick and nifty little guide to help you prepare your home for the colder winter months ahead.
1. Clear the gutters and drains of debris
Look for leaves, moss and other debris and clear them to prevent blockages in heavy rain and snow.

You’ll need to replace any gutters that are cracked or damaged.

2. Ensure you have your boiler serviced
Having no heating over the winter period is no fun!

3. Keep your heating on a timer
If you’re going away, leave it on a constant low temperature as this will stop your pipes freezing if the temperature drops.

4. Check your windows
Extreme temperatures and wet weather can cause untreated wood to expand and rot, so treating windowsills will help to prevent this.
Fill in any cracks and re-paint if needed to protect them.

5. Keep your pipes warm
Apply lagging to any pipes and water tanks in exposed areas such as lofts, garages and utility rooms to stop
pipes from freezing and bursting in the cold weather.

6. Replace Slipped Roof Tiles/Slates
Making roof repairs will prevent leaks that can cause deterioration to the structure.
You don’t want to get dripped on in bed!
We can help you with your gutter problems, for anything else please visit Checkatrade for other services.