Improving even the smallest things when selling your home can make a huge difference to a prospective buyer. Well kept gutters and downpipes can add a large financial reward to the value of your home and in our latest blog we are going to explain just how and why…

Gutters are unsung heroes of real estate

Without them your home’s structural integrity is at major risk. Clean and clear gutters can prevent flooding, you might think that gutters are just for the exterior of your home and to help move water from the roof. However, they stop floods occurring inside as well, rainfall can build up around the base of your home causing flooding issues at lower levels.

This excess water build up can also cause a build up of water on your roof which can also lead to leaks occurring from the top. Clean guttering will also prevent rotting fascias which could lead to costly roof repairs. Ice can easily build up in the gutters during the winter months if they are not free from any debris. An unclogged gutter will help to draw away water from your roof before it turns to ice which will cause very costly issues for your home.

Clogged gutters could also send water to places it shouldn’t go causing problems around your home and in your garden. An overflow of water can stain your homes walls leaving discoloration which can certainly decrease the value of your home.

So of course clean gutters can prevent costly repairs, make your home work better, and increase your home’s functionality adding value to your property. Improving the appearance of your home, new buyers will know they won’t have to do a lot of repairs associated with  unkempt guttering adding to your home’s appeal.

So if you want to add value to your home it’s certainly a good idea to start with your gutters!

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