In this blog we state the importance of cleaning out your gutters…

What to look out for:

Leaves that have blown into gutters and downpipes in recent months can cause rainwater to overflow into eaves and inside your home, leaving you with extensive property damage and an expensive clean-up bill.

Leaf litter build-up in gutters not only increases the risk of blockages which can result in overflow back into eaves and ceilings, but over time may cause corrosion or lead to development of mould and damage that can be more costly to repair.

Safely checking gutters and downpipes before winter sets in will help prevent blockages and reduce the risk of problems that result in a lot of stress and financial pain.

While cleaning out gutters is not regulated plumbing work, any clearing of blockages requiring the gutter or the down pipe to be detached or altered must be carried out by a licensed or registered plumber.

When checking your own gutters with a ladder, you should always follow the ladder safety rules on the WorkSafe website. 

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