Gutters are an essential part of your home’s roofing system, they help to funnel rainwater from your roof away from your home. When gutters become cracked, broken and clogged this can lead to serious water damage down the exterior walls of your home. The result? Extreme damage to your home’s foundation and/or leaks into your crawlspace. In order to avoid these problems from arising we must ensure to inspect and maintain our gutters regularly!

A few essential tips to keep your gutters maintained..

Clean gutters at least twice a year

We recommend cleaning them before winter, and then again in spring time. If there is really stormy weather it is also a great idea to take a peek as leaves and debris gather quicker. 

Inspect your gutters for any rust and leaks

When gutters are cleaned we advise to check your gutters for any sign of rust or holes, this can develop over time with the changes in weather or if your gutters have become very clogged. It is important to repair your gutters before they leak into your home causing very expensive water damage.

Prevent ice from forming

Any remaining debris that prevents your gutters from properly draining could lead to frozen water that can expand into the edges of your roof. Over time, this can cause roof leaks and serious structural damage. Plus, the expanding of water when it’s formed into ice can cause your gutters to potentially crack and lead to spouts of water pouring directly onto the ground below, failing to redirect water away from the home. This can be avoided by regular cleaning.

Clear out the downspouts

We recommend inspecting the downspout and any pipes leading away from your home just as regularly as the gutters. If your water is pouring out of the extension pipe that leads into your downspout, it may be due to a seam issue. it may also be because debris has built up within your downspout-you may have to remove it and clear out the blockage, or at least snake the pipe so water can flow freely away from your home’s foundation.

Check for clogged gutters

How do you know if your gutters are clogged?

  • Are your gutters overflowing?
  • Is there restricted flow of water from your downspouts?
  • Do you see ground erosion below the gutter line?
  • Leaky corners?
  • Discoloration (not dirt, mold or mildew) on the gutter?

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