Gutters are designed to remove any water from the base of your home, this is with help from your homes downpipes of course…

In order for gutters to do their job properly the downpipes must be clear of any debris which will ensure the water can flow easily out and to the bottom of your home.

It is also highly important that gutters are properly pitched and angled toward the downpipes in order for the water to flow. If any of these occur this can cause the water to severely damage your guttering.

The top signs to look out for: 

These signs indicate why your gutter may not be working properly, 

Sagging guttering – This is when your gutter appears to be pulling away from your fascia and soffit, this can happen if there is too much debris heavily weighing your gutter.

Leaking gutters – You know your gutters are leaking when you spot water dripping from your gutter system, this can occur from wear and tear causing holes and loose gutter joints.

Clogged gutters – If you spot debris in your gutters and water stains on your home walls or your gutters pulling away from the fascia you more than likely have clogged gutters.

Badly pitched – The position of your gutters is highly important, if water sits stagnant this means your gutters are laying too flat. If the water is over shooting they may be poorly angled to hold the water.

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