One of the most asked questions when it comes to gutters, how should we clean them? As spring is now upon us and the brighter evenings are finally here it’s now prime time to start thinking about cleaning your home gutters.

How do you clean your gutters?

Gutters have to put up with a lot, especially from severe conditions in the winter months leaving you to deal with the consequences come summer. Extreme winter weather can cause leaves and debris to clog the gutters and if left uncleaned this can result in very serious damage.

How do you clean your gutters? 

Well firstly you need the correct tools for the job:

  • A ladder
  • A strong bag – a plastic bag is appropriate
  • Gloves – ideally waterproof
  • A scoop or small spade

To begin it is vital that you ensure your ladder is always secure, this can be achieved by making sure that the ladder is planted on firm level ground and both feet should be kept level. You can increase security by using a ladder standoff which attaches brackets to the top of the gutter ensuring the ladder doesn’t move too much.

It is always best to keep a bag or bucket close by to place the debris into, using rubber gloves or a scoop you should then be able to remove the gutters contents. You should always aim to remove as much waste as you can, even reaching into smaller spaces. Once everything is removed it is time to do the downpipes which can involve washing them out with a hose or bucket.

When it comes to how often you should clean your gutters we always recommend gutter cleaning twice a year, during spring and autumn. It is always important to clean as much out as you can as the more debris there is the longer it will take.

Remember a clean gutter means the prevention of blockages and damage to your home.

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