The effects of climate change are so often discussed in terms of the planet heating up and warmer temperatures, but what about the other end of the scale?

Climate change also brings a far increased risk of flooding. On average, the UK sees approximately 71mm of rain per month, with 133 rainy days each year. In fact, since 1998 the UK has seen six of the ten wettest years ever on record. Climate change is building, and so are its impact on our guttering.

Floods, storms and extreme heat can all cause damage to our buildings. As the atmosphere warms, it can hold an extra 7% of moisture for every degree of warming. The threat of flooding due to overwhelmed gutters and roof drainage is real. Commercial gutters were not initially designed to handle such intense conditions, so we need to keep up with the conditions we’re living in now.

The aftermath of a flood can be devastating to businesses. Whether it’s damage to equipment and machinery, destroyed stock, the cleanup downtime of a flood or health and safety risks to staff, there’s threats from every angle.

Blue Sky Guttering recognise the urgency of addressing these challenges, and it’s become our number one priority.

Our independent research has identified that an entire storm drainage system within a business property requires professional cleaning and maintenance, covering gutters, downpipes, storm drains, and sewer drains. Any blockage in the drainage system can result in rainwater backup to the gutter and overspills into the building.

That’s why, in collaboration with our experienced team, we’ve been actively developing a market-leading solution to mitigate the risks.

Introducing Gutter to Gate: Your Solution to Rainwater Challenges

Our ground-breaking Gutter to Gate service is specifically designed to combat the threat of flooding from your entire building’s rainwater drainage system. The solution is meticulously tested by our expert team to ensure the effectiveness of our approach and equipment.

Our proactive service includes everything you need to ensure your business is covered from gutter to gate. From the highest points on the roof, to below the ground you’re based on – we’ve got the tools and methods to ensure you’re protected.

Whether you want an out-the-box solution or something more tailored, we can build a bespoke Gutter to Gate solution to ensure every angle of your business is protected from the changing climate. With that in mind, our expert team have developed a rigorous maintenance process, to include:

  • Removing all siphonic/gravity fed gutter outlet covers and sealing the outlets with drain plugs to prevent water and debris from entering the downpipes during gutter emptying and cleaning.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the siphonic outlet covers, ensuring the cover grid and vanes are free of debris and organic matter.
  • Utilising an adjusted jet vac tanker to suction out all rainwater and debris from the gutter into the tanker.
  • Washing the gutter with clean water, vacuuming it dry to ensure the removal of all dirt and organic matter.
  • Removing all outlet plugs.
  • Lubricating the threaded studs retaining the siphonic outlet covers and carefully replacing the outlet covers.
  • Optional – Fitting and replacing gutter linings to increase the capacity of the gutter by 20%. 12 years’ experience in commercial gutter lining with major suppliers like HD Sharman and CGL.

On the subject of the environment, we are very conscious as a business not to add to environmentally damage in any way through our practices. That’s why we are proud to be ISO 14001 certified: Organisation for Standardisation. That means we take our impact on the environment and how we dispose of waste seriously.

Through our specialised equipment, we can separate water and solid organic waste, allowing waste water back into the drainage system, with solid waste going into recycling for compost. All our vehicles are also Ultra Low Emission Euro 6 compliant.

Don’t let rainwater flooding wreak havoc on your operations, trust Blue Sky’s Gutter to Gate service to protect your assets and keep your business running smoothly, rain or shine.

Give our team a call on 0800 566 8301 to find out more about how Gutter to Gate can support your business.