It’s always important to spot common gutter and downpipe problems early, this is especially true for older buildings. As with older buildings the most common method of rainwater disposal is cast iron gutters and downpipes, even older buildings did not even have gutters, this is seen in many Georgian buildings – using a parapet gutter lined in lead instead…

The most common signs of any gutter and downpipe issues on older buildings include:

Blocked Gutters:

This will be evident when water begins running out of the gutters onto your home’s walls and foundation. This is normally caused from a blockage of leaves and debris. It is important to check for a build up of leaves and debris any time of the year as these can lead to vegetation growth and blockage problems.

Blocked Downpipes:

We know the downpipes are blocked when we start to see water backing up into the gutter or the gutter is overflowing from rainfall. This is important to spot as the water in the downpipe joints can freeze especially in winter time causing the cast iron to split open which will be a very costly issue to repair.

Blocked Gulleys:

Any open gulley traps must be free from leaves and debris, it is vital to check as this can cause major blockages in the underground drainage system.

Gutter Brackets:

This holds the gutter together ensuring the gutter is doing what it is designed to, loose gutter brackets can misalign the gutter therefore expelling water on to your home’s foundation and the cause of leaking from the roof.

Downpipe Brackets:

As with the gutter brackets, downpipe brackets can become loose or missing which can cause the downpipes to disconnect from the joints. This will be evident with the overflow of rainwater or staining and algae growth from water.

The Condition Of The Cast Iron:

Cat iron over time can become chipped and the paint can begin to flake heavily and rust, it is important to check for any holes or thinning of the surface. 

The Takeaway:

You can keep your gutters running smoothly no matter how old they are with continued health checks and cleans. It is essential to keep your gutters free from any blockages which can be achieved with reliable cleaning, we at Blue Sky Guttering can provide you with professional gutter cleaning no matter how old your system is. 

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