During Summer, it’s easy to forget about practicalities like gutter cleaning. But as Autumn arrives and we head towards the harsher weathers of Winter the importance becomes ever apparent.

Almost from the day Autumn lands on our doorsteps those crispy leaves begin to fall from the trees. As picturesque as that can be, it’s less so when they start clogging up the gutters on your commercial property. Blockages can build up quickly and soon present you with costly and even dangerous damages, not just effecting your property but potentially your business and workforce too.

In the day-to-day activity of a business, it is very easy to look the other way when it comes to things like gutter cleaning as it just doesn’t seem like a priority. The problem is, this very mindset can cause you bigger headaches down the line that later have huge impacts on your business overall.

What is the real role of your guttering?

Ultimately, gutters are designed to collect water and safely redistribute it into the sewers.

It’s important that your gutters do so because if they don’t, blocked gutters can contribute heavily to roof damage particularly in frequent periods of rainfall – like Autumn and Winter. The debris that builds up in the guttering then prevents the water from redistributing out, meaning it weighs down on the roof causing leaks and damage. Stagnant sitting water also creates the ideal habitat for mould to grow, again causing further problems and additional pressure on the roof.

It goes without saying that damage to your business property is bad news. Ultimately the roof could begin to leak or even collapse in leaving you with a non-operational business and potential injuries to your staff.

Remember, that even if the water finds another way down, it will simply fall down the building itself causing damage and unsightly features on the way. When it lands on the ground, it can then create health and safety risks with slips and falls likely.

How does the weather impact the need for gutter cleaning?

Besides just those pesky Autumn leaves, the temperature itself brings complications. As the temperature dips, local wildlife seek warmth and hibernation from the Winter weather. Pests like rats, mice, wasps, hedgehogs and birds all seek out new homes.

A gutter full of leaves, moss and more provides a perfect base camp to set up for Winter. Once they’ve settled in and the weather turns even colder, they’ll often seek to get inside the property too – not exactly the sort of things you want in your workforce.

Gutter cleaning to avoid foundational damage

Another potential issue with blocked guttering is foundational damage. The weight of an industrial gutter full of all this wet and dense debris puts an unbelievable strain on the structure of your commercial property. The guttering itself may eventually give way, which is a much timelier and more expensive fix than simply having them cleaned.

Don’t try this at home

Remember that if you’re reading this thinking it’s time to get those gutters sorted, it’s not the sort of thing you should attempt yourself.

Working at height is a significant cause of injury, particularly when attempting to do so without the correct training or equipment. Whilst picking up leaves off the floor may be a simple task, doing so at height is a different thing entirely. The very weight of debris sitting inside a gutter can be surprising and difficult to clear at height.

The good news is – we have a solution!

The Autumn and Winter seasons are the optimal point of the year to engage a professional gutter cleaning company to get things under control and keep on top of the maintenance. This then allows you to focus on the business that really matters to you without any nasty surprises.

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