Cleaning your home gutters can seem like a tough job and one most homeowners put off for as long as they can. But cleaning your home gutters is a very necessary job that isn’t difficult and will keep them working properly. Over time gutters can become clogged with leaves and other debris so it is always best to clean them regularly to avoid much more difficult and expensive work later on.

When to seek for a professional

Many homeowners ask if it is ok to clean the gutters without professional help to which we always answer yes, but only if they are comfortable working at heights and using a ladder. Cleaning out your home’s gutters is a necessary annual task, but not heeding caution can cause personal injury and property damage. As well, if you haven’t got any experience in working at heights we don’t recommend, as the biggest cause of accidents is falling from ladders at home.

Cleaning gutters requires working from a ladder of course, to work safely we suggest:

  • Never climbing above the second to last step
  • Not extending your reach
  • Using a step ladder on solid level ground
  • Using an extension ladder for two story homes
  • If using an extension ladder to use a ladder stabiliser to ensure ladder remains in place
  • If you are not comfortable on ladders to always consider hiring a professional

The safest and most reliable way of cleaning your gutters is through a professional, we at Blue Sky Guttering can ensure you have a piece of mind in knowing you are having your gutters repaired or emptied by our team of highly experienced gutters who will complete the task using the correct methods and techniques. So let us take the hassle out of cleaning –

We offer gutter cleaning prices which are very competitive, at your request we will email you a free quote for your gutter cleaning service.

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